'Cartoons for Human Rights' is an initiative to support various human rights campaigns through the art of cartooning. It is just another way of using art for causes. Cartoons are great at grabbing the attention of the masses over social media platforms. When they are funny, they make you smile. But when they talk about more serious issues, they might also disturb you, making it harder for you to move on. That is why they have been proved to be a powerful tool for mobilization in numerous sociopolitical movements around the globe. No wonder there is a long list of political cartoonists from different parts of the world who have been targeted for their work. 

These cartoons are created for the sole purpose of campaigning and are free from copyright. So if you like these cartoons or care about these issues, please feel free to use them on any online or offline medium.


Press Freedom in India

Human Rights in Bahrain

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