Cartooning for Peace joins Aseem Trivedi (India) and Lectrr (Belgium) in Ghent on 8 December 2023

exhibitions 9:30 PM

Cartoon exhibition during EU-NGO Forum 2023 (Brussels)

exhibitions 6:20 AM

Anatagonistic Festival by 'T Zal Wel Gaan

exhibitions 6:25 AM

Crimes Against Humanity (Irish College, Leuven)

exhibitions 6:02 AM

Sup'press'ed (Gent University)

exhibitions 5:49 AM

Human Rights Festival 2016 (Northern Ireland)

exhibitions 11:12 AM

A talk with Reporters Without Borders in Berlin

exhibitions 10:51 AM

Difendediamoli: A Conference on Human Rights in Italian Parliament

exhibitions 10:21 AM

Limerick Voice: Political cartoonist Aseem Trivedi speaks at the University of Limerick

exhibitions 8:58 AM

Satire on the Front Line: An Illustrated talk on human rights and political cartooning in London

exhibitions 8:36 AM

In conversation with Aseem Trivedi (University of York)

exhibitions 7:51 AM

'Cartoons Against Corruption' with Aseem Trivedi by Glasgow Human Rights Network

exhibitions 7:30 AM

Dublin Book Festival: The Day of The Imprisoned Writer

exhibitions 7:24 AM


Press Freedom in India

Human Rights in Bahrain

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